Staying in or not coming out.


    It looks like a cold spring this year,

    So we Sycamores have decided not to risk it.

    I’m sorry – but we must consider our buds.



    May is bound to be wetter than usual,

    And our leaves are just not cut out for heavy rain.

    It would be sheer folly to open out now.



    My! How lucky the Oaks have been;

    Chancing their arms,, and getting away with it.

    What – spring leaves in summer? We’d be a laughing stock.



    Autumn is such a wasteful season,

    And only a nut would turn out in October!

    In any case, one must wrap up for the winter



    The first snows, and a strange numbness.

    The Oaks are murmuring contentedly about leaves,

    But the Sycamores’ feet are killing them.

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