In the shops where they sell

Irredeemable grief

And shattered lives

There is blood everywhere –

Running down the porn

And spattered on the walls

Blood for pimps and prostitutes

And the tired sad old men.

They do not see the battle or the blood

Nor the sheltering body

Lashed and slashed for them.

Here  as everywhere,

His death is certain.

It is the price that love demands

Paid in full..


When the day dawns,

He will come here

And Skid Row, and Auschwitz,

And Jonestown, and Ruanda

The Abortion clinics, Slave ships¬† ……



With his trumpets and singers

Saxophones and midis

Jugglers, acrobats and dancers

All intoxicated with life

Rocking and rolling with joy

Handing out cans of Good News

And God’s-Eternal-Love bubbly.



Oh then, they will know.

They will all know.


He paid their ransom with his blood.


My! O my!

There’s going to be some knee-bowing

And glory-giving

On that day!

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